Hello World!


  • colapiombo

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  • February 10, 2021

Hello Guys! this my first post


Hi, I am a believer.

I believe that there is an art to programming and that programs and algorithms can be beautiful.

I believe sharing knowledge is the true power. 

I believe doing this blog will also help me to be a better developer.

The idea behind this blog is to become a collection of links/articles about programming that I find interesting and by sharing them with you, I hope to attract others with similar tastes who will share new links with me.

For now, I intend to publish new blog posts every week (will be very hard). but I wanna try

I have some ideas for posts a collection of material that will attract like-minded readers to help grow it.

The blog and the website will work on the duality of work experience and my personal experience.

If you have some opinion or idea just ping me